Schedule Your Water Heater Repair Appointment in Houston, TX

Schedule Your Water Heater Repair Appointment in Houston, TX

Hot Water Makes Life Easier

You don't have to take cold showers any longer. Backbone Plumbing offers water heater repair services to homeowners and business owners in the Houston, TX area.

You can count on us to diagnose your water heater issues and fix the problem in no time. We'll give you honest advice on whether it would be better to repair or replace your broken water heater.

Trust us to take care of your water heater if:

  • It doesn't produce enough hot water
  • The water from the tap is smelly
  • You hear loud noises when turning on the tap
  • Your tank leaks
Contact us as soon as you notice an issue with your hot water heater. We provide tank and tankless water heater service.

When should you replace your water heater?

Backbone Plumbing completes water heater repair and replacement projects in Houston, TX. It's time to replace your water heater if:

  • It's more than 15 years old
  • There's water pooling around its base
  • It makes banging noises
  • It produces water that's rusty in color
Reach out to us immediately if you need tankless water heater service.