Trust Backbone Plumbing to Complete Your Sewer Line Repair in Houston, TX

Trust Backbone Plumbing to Complete Your Sewer Line Repair in Houston, TX

Tired of Dealing With a Clogged Sewer Line?

Backbone Plumbing provides sewer inspection, repair and replacement services in the Houston, TX area. We can repair or clear out your sewer to prevent expensive water damage at your property.

You might have a sewer line problem if more than one of your drains are clogged, or if you notice foul-smelling standing water in your yard. Hire us to find the source of your sewer line issue and take care of the problem.

The kinds of sewer line issues we run into include:

  • Tree roots infiltrating the line
  • Broken, collapsed or cracked pipes
  • Blocked lines
  • Corroded and belled pipes
  • Leaking joints
Schedule your sewer line repair appointment today by calling 281-974-3058. We offer emergency sewer line repair services you can depend on.

3 benefits of replacing your sewer lines

Backbone Plumbing completes sewer inspection and replacement projects in Houston, TX. If your sewer line can't be repaired, we can replace it.

Replacing your damaged sewer line is a smart investment because:

  1. It can save you time and money-by minimizing future breakdowns
  2. It can be completed quickly-modern sewer replacement methods make replacing sewer lines easier
  3. It will minimize water damage-by preventing pooling water from damaging your yard and foundation
Call us right away if you notice an issue with your sewer line. We'll arrive as quickly as possible to perform the sewer line repair or replacement work you need done.